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She Sells Sea Shells
All of the sand and shell in this section are fixed and won't come off.  The small bird like
images on some of the items are from the inside of small sand dollars, they are very
beautiful and fragile.  So if you order an item with birds know that they are delicate.

The items in the pictures below, all come from the same place.  After the hurricane Irene in 1999 the
uprooted items from the ocean's floor, washed up on the beach, in southern Florida.  When I saw
the beautiful beached items lying on the sand, I had an overwhelming need to collect, all that I could
find.  I fell in love with their stark beauty and have kept them with me all of this time.  Now I am
incorporating them into my art.  I hope you love them as much as I do.  They are even more stunning
in person.  The colors are bright and the shell work is carefully assembled to be pleasing to the eye.

Picture 24                                                                 
This underwater scene is painted on a six inch
sand dollar.  It is available only in desk top form.
Price $7.00

Picture 25
This scene is painted on a terra-cotta
dish.  It has half of a sand dollar in the
picture.  It is about six inches tall.
The dish is a little heavy and is only
available in desk top form.
Price $6.00

Picture 26                                                               
This sand dollar is available to be hung               
by the natural hole in the back or with                 
two large shell attached to the back in                
order to make it stand up on a shelf.                                   
About 6 inches tall.  Price $7.00

Picture 27                                                                         
This is a sand dollar and is available to hang on          
the wall or can sit on a desk.  Tell me which                 
one you want.  6 inches tall. Price $7.00                                

Picture 28
This dish is about four inches tall and
very light.  It is available for hanging on the
wall or desk top form.  Please specify.
Price $5.00

Picture 29                                                                              
This is 3 by 5 wood plaque.  It is to be hung             
on the wall.  Price $5.00                                             

Picture 30
This sand dollar is six inches tall.
Price $7.00

Picture 31
This is a terra-cotta dish and is about
four inches.  Available for either desk
top or to be hung on the wall.
Price $5.00

Picture 32
This is a 3 by 5 plaque and is for
hanging on the wall.  Price $5.00

The items in the next section are all magnets and are sold separately.  Each magnet is about
two inches long.  They are $1.00 each.

Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 37

Picture 38

Picture 39

Picture 40

Picture 41